STEVEN WILSON Solo Exhibition
2018. 2. 1 (Thu) - 2. 23 (Fri)

[ Exhibition Introduction ]

Curated by ‘Art Management UNION’ (Director, Junheon PARK), Steve Wilson (London) makes the first debut in Asia, simultaneously exhibiting in Galerie Bhak (Seoul), Keumho Museum (Seoul) and Gallery Jeon (Daejeon).

Galerie Bhak showcases Steve Wilson’s unique ways of reconstructing ordinary objects and media into simple but distinctive characters.

Through collaborations with various global brands including Microsoft, MTV, Coca Cola and Karl Lagerfeld, Steve Wilson has presented a new model crossing the frontier of fine arts and popular arts. He has gained reputation for expanding the boundary of contemporary arts by transforming ordinary objects into vivid and perky artworks.

In contrast to his market-friendly works, highlighting the capitalism and consumption for the most part, the artist has been living in a small English harbor city, Brighton, with the overall population of 150,000. In the town, he often collects old books and wasted items, which become motifs of brilliant and experimental artworks.