Tzuki & Koko
2018. 5. 17 (Thu) - 5. 31 (Thu)

[ Exhibition Introduction ]

TZUKI STUDIO was established in 2006 and is operated by Israeli artist Shay Peled.

Tzuki Art’s original artwork includes a wide range of contemporary Home Decore, Judaica and Pop art artifacts. Tzuki's naïve and colourful lines are easily recognisable by their fans around the world.

In Tzuki Art collection, Shay Peled demonstrates his approach to art as a way to make people smile and warm their hearts. In the field of Judaica art, Tzuki's unusual and groundbreaking approach has brought a touch of freshness to the ancient tradition, making serious religious articles feel more approachable, humorous and endearing.

Peled is a graduate of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and has worked as an interior designer for 10 years.

Koko, two syllables in contrast, for a work signed by four hands. Koko is a two-headed creature with Parisian accents. A unique profile, bringing together two French artists: Gregory Rouillard & Sebastien Ferrand, both graduates of Fine Arts and became artistic directors working together in Paris.

They experiment with different principles, techniques and ideas, before devoting themselves fully to this magic of the ordinary, life scenes and every day’s wonders.

Inspired by minimalism and pop culture, they create serial works forged by a look both complicit and amused.