Won Sou-Yeol

Eventhough Won Sou Yeol lives in France since 1984, she finds great strength in the natural elements of the Chejudo Island, in Korea, where she was born in 1949. Between the land and the sea, disrupted by the natural elements, her paintings take its strength from them. Imbued with dynamism and power, they express the movement, marked by the contrast between black and white, light and shadow. Her large and concentrated gesture creates cracks, splashes. Using different tools, she creates paintings at the same time heavy and light with a lot of material. This is why she draws away from the art of calligraphy constituted of a light brush stroke. We find in the work of Won Sou-Yeol the principles of abstract expressionism and of action painting. She is often associated with artists such as Hartung or De Kooning. Kline is one of the artists who most influenced her. Her work is full of renewed energy, for which she completely dedicates her body and soul. Won Sou-Yeol tells that one day, while she was painting, she looked at the clock : three years have passed.

The artist graduated from the École nationale Supérieure d'Arts de Paris- Cergy. Furthermore, art critics, like Michel Nuridsany, consider her to be the major representative of the Korean abstraction. Her works were exhibited in 2015-2016 at the Cernuschi Museum during the exhibition "Séoul ? Paris ? Séoul" in link with the year of Korea in France.