How many artists can solve the heavy topic of human loneliness and the reality of our crooked society in a light and bright framework and language? JIHI’s first solo exhibition exhibits drawings of simple images in pastel on the panel. At first glance, the images look like graffiti from a child, but at a closer glance it looks like an allegory, full of intricate detail and integrity. The artist hopes to illustrate the relationship between people by twisting the reality of the modern society, where conversation and dialogue between one and another are becoming more and more disconnected.

Without any hesitation the artist uses symbols such as, spots using oil pastels, dotted lines, lines and lips, circles, hearts, and eyes freely and repeatedly, to illustrate a sense of romantic dandyism, which reminds me of Baudelaire’s work who was known for his ‘lifestyle of modern contemporary artist’. The artist’s work attempts to evoke the imagination of the viewers through symbols and texts. Thus, on one simple square panel the artist’s work takes us on a journey between fulfillment and insight, between art and graffiti, creating a romantic modernity using a combination of pop art and everyday materials.

Curator Seung-Yeon, Yoon