Maxence Dore

The shape of the curve, which is like a cloud in the atmosphere or a wave in the sea, waves over colorful surfaces. Maxence Doré(B.1990) captures certain moments of nature, such as space, sky, and sea which constantly move using weather satellites and video material. Each landscape scene

goes back and forth between reality and space beyond reality, where he wants to visit, imagine, or leave. This To the Rhythm of Timeis the story of this journey of time and space.


When Maxence paints, he briefly escapes from recurring times, repeated encounters, and forced daily moments in the realm of everyday life and present society. It is none other than an unknown world like the universe where he escaped from his daily life and reached. These conflicting areas of the two worlds are condensed into a "wave motif" and a "color background" that mainly constitute the surface of the painting. Wave motif and color background extracted from space, sky, sea, and earth's surface are visual elements that represent nature in Maxence’s work. Here is the artist's view of nature in two ways in relation to humans. One is nature, which has been corroded by humans in reality and the other is a perfect unrealistic appearance of nature with a flawless appearance. His painting reflecting this perception, simultaneously suggest the worlds of reality and ideal.


Let's take a look at the paintings on the wall of the exhibition hall. The landscape scene overlapped with lines and faces freely gathers and repeating the expansion movement, finally emits the calm energy. Paintings installed at various heights of wall attempt to disturb the viewer's gaze and movement. Just as space floats regardless of gravity in space, if you look around according to the location of the irregular painting, the painting is unfamiliar but creates a strange sense of relief. In this context, it can be noticed that Maxence’s painting is deeply linked to the variation of emotions on the logic of the senses. In fact, Maxence metaphorizes the pressure and harshness felt in the real world as a nightmare. On the other hand, unfamiliar and refined emotions in the unknown world are sensed as positive emotions. Maxence attempts creative activities as a channel to acquire the feelings of the latter in the former. At this time, the story of moving to another world does not exist as physical movement and time as a number. It is done in time flowing from the Maxence’s consciousness.


The space that Maxence was trying to escape is, superficially looks like a real world, but is the space that ultimately liberated on the axis of time. The landscape painting created by Maxence is not a space in time that can be measured by a clock. His landscapes are recorded in different trajectories of time. Therefore, his painting serves as a medium to convey the viewer to another reality, to a perfect space-time that exists somewhere. It is considered a distant ideal thoughts to aspire to the journey of time and space where perfect ideals exist and to have humans located there. However, from the moment we are born and we close our eyes, we live with the key of time in our own timeline. Like this, To the Rhythm of Time seems to be enough to show someone a journey that is already underway, and to be a starting point for someone to embark on a journey of fear but joy.


WritingSohee Lim (BHAK Curator)