NamJune Paik
“Due to the astonishing development of science we reached a state where the distinction between Video Art, Computer, Art or Game has become impossible.

Computer is becoming artistic and art is becoming computerized.
Now, the winner of computer becomes the winner of world wide competition and it has become proper that one must win the computer software competition to survive the 21st century.

Art as a Lead, Wield power over the economical success because our capitalism has been transformed from ‘Hardware Capitalism’ into‘Software Capitalism??.

Modern arts endeavor to expel the mystifying of the absolute art derived from the past tradition.

Usually, Modern arts is considered to be abstruse but this occurs only when accepting the fine arts that I know and not recognizing the newly attempted pieces as fine arts.

All the common senses and stereotypes made man ‘Fools?? and must be destroyed occasionally and must be changed. ”

“ There is a circle. It is an Art.
There is another circle. It is communication.
They overlap in a jujube seed shape. It is Video Art.
Video Art is as solid as a jujube seed. ”

- Nam June Paik