Purume Hong and 〈 Healing Through Scared Beliefs 〉
Interpretation of the theme

Tae-Yong MOON, Journalist/American Image Co., Professor/Kosin University

The choice of the theme, Seop-Seop is very witty since it delivers binary meanings in Chinese and Korean. In the scope of Chinese, the first "Seop" means "to serve" and the second "Seop" implies "to maintain one's prayer." So the combination of these two characters, particularly in the sense of the painter's faith in God, creates the message; one has faith in God and should maintain it no matter what obstacles are in the way. On the other hand, Seop-Seop in Korean contains a completely different implication; one is slightly apologetic. Probably, two different meanings of the theme through this exhibition convey the feelings of the artist, Purume Hong about the world and belief in God. In this sense, this display can be called or interpreted as "Healing Through Scared Beliefs" We can see that one overarching theme, "Healing in Daily Life" is commonly shared with a collection of her other paintings since 2000 ; 〈Providence〉, 〈Motherly Matrix〉, 〈Opening His Light〉, and at this time, 〈Healing Through Sacred Beliefs〉. The developments of her expression over the past years are well defined in those paintings.

Healing Through Sacred Beliefs

When an artist remains his subjects in only one fixed theme for a long time, his work may be bored for their constancy. Her paintings, however, are always interesting as each of them shows gradual evolution in her creative painting techniques. Her unique Blurring and Breaking techniques are shown throughout her previous paintings, which display her willful expressions and symbolistic Crufix in the background. She displays similar expressions in the series of 〈Motherly Matrix〉 as well. Having evolved with her particular painting styles, paintings in this exhibition appeal not only to similarities in her previous works but also to the moderate implication of simplicity and metaphor. It is not an exaggeration to say that the collection of her art is the beauty of contrast of ink and space on paper, the reminder of Mother Nature and the healing for the civilized.

The attractiveness of Indian Ink Paintings is the comprehensiveness of line, curves, light, and space. Graceful curves and lines harmoniously contrast with light and space in her paintings give rise to the dynamic and vital appearances. Particularly, her series of paintings of 〈God Said〉 hardly suggest concrete icons within a short distance of the painting, but from a larger view and perspective. However, each of them holds out an entirely unified image. The works in a series of 〈Divine Nature〉 leads to the nostalgia of the archetype of nature, as Mother Nature would feed, embrace, and heal us with her natural gifts. Now that we, human beings, are unfortunately in a position to feed, embrace, and heal dysfunctional Mother Nature in return, Purume Hong's paintings here appeal to the long-forgotten comfort of the uterus and nature; namely her art claims the return to the original environment of God's creation. Mainly, her paintings symbolize the healing for the civilized in line with the theme of this exhibition, 〈Healing Through Sacred Beliefs〉. The dynamics of her inking and natural symbolisms embedded in her paintings accordingly create the healing oasis for all seeking the comfort of Mother Nature.

"For I am the LORD that health thee" in Exodus 15:6

"Healing In Daily Life" as the motive of 〈Healing through Sacred Beliefs〉 is fundamentally a Christian subject. Christian characteristics are to be reborn. In other words, it is clear what to give up and what to choose. At the moment to restrain oneself, one can gain freedom. Anything that is not right and is sick should be cured and returned to the original state. Since the artist has chosen this type of subject, she would not separate her life from her work. Then her own style can be recognized as part of her life. The serial work of Purume Hong provides the fascination of modern Indian Ink paintings. While contemporary Korean painting artists overlook the significance of continuous experiments to seek the archetype of nature in their own time, she seems to be a precious one among others. I wish her healing faith in God for ever.