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Maxence Doré: To the Rhythm of Time
Exhibition Period
2022.4.14 - 5.28
Exhibition Introduction

Maxence Doré (B.1990) majored in landscape architecture at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage à Versailles, France, but entered the path of Fine art and painted many landscape paintings based on nature. His landscape painting is a combined by smoothly painted color background with spray lacca and wavy draiwngs depiced with markers and oil paints. The color background and wave curves that formed the painting are nature elements such as the universe, sky, sea, and ground, which contain reality and non-realistic time and space together by suggesting where the artist wants to visit, imagine, or leave. In this way, Maxence's work shows the artist's journey from the reality he wants to escape to the ideal space he wants to ultimately reach. The process of the journey is accompanied by emotional variations. The familiar and repetitive reality is a place where negative emotions recognized so must be liberated, while the unknown world, a strange and flawless space, is a positive place that evokes curiosity and refined emotions. The latter emotion is expressed as a fundamental motivation to continue the artist's creative activities and an artistic will that the artist wants to acquire and convey to the viewer through the painting. In this way, Maxence's landscape painting seems to be a story of physical space, but it can be seen as a scene depicting the journey of time and space that exists in the world of consciousness, not reality.