Sustainable Museum: Art and Environment
부산현대미술관, 박현기
Exhibition Period
2021.5.4 - 9.22
Exhibition Introduction

《지속 가능한 미술관: 미술과 환경》전은 환경 위기에 대한 의식이 증대되는 시대에 자원 집약적 스펙타클의 전시와 그러한 전시를 가능케 하는 미술관 제도에 대해서 아무런 언급이 없다는 관찰에서 시작한다. 

의도는 미술관의 고통을 보여주거나 미술관을 비난하는 것은 아니다. 

우선 관건은 자본주의 세계 질서에 의해 보호되어온 미술관의 사실적 묘사와 그 참된 모습을 인정하는 것이다. 

즉, 자본주의와 함께 생겨나고 마침내 보편화한 현재 미술관의 모습이 환경에 대한 폭력과 파괴의 대가로 유지될 수 있었다는 사실의 확인이 이루어져야 한다. 

전시에서 주장하는 미래의 것은 기존의 것으로부터 출현해야만 하고, 일반적으로 기존의 것을 먼저 파악해야만 미래의 것으로 도달할 수 있다.

Sustainable Museum: Art and Environment begins with the observation that there is no mention of exhibitions, of resource intensive spectacles and the museum system that enables such exhibitions, in this era of growing awareness of the environmental crisis. The intention is not to highlight the hardships facing museums, nor to condemn them. The key point is to acknowledge the reality of the situation facing museums, which have been protected by the capitalist world order. In other words, the fact must be recognized that current museum systems, created under capitalism and now near universal, are maintained at the cost of violence towards and destruction of the environment. The future envisioned by this exhibition must emerge from that which exists in the present and, in general, that which exists in the present must first be properly understood if we are to reach the future.

Artist 참여 작가

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